What is Kronum?





Kronum is a brand new sport that combines aspects of soccer, basketball, and handball. With tons of different play styles, there's room on the field for everyone to show their skills! And with six different point value shots, comebacks are almost a guarantee! 





There has never been anything like Kronum before. Have a strong arm? Fire deep shots from the Flex zone and Prime ring to score an 8 point Kronum for your team. Have great feet skills? Take the ball into the Wedge zone and break some angles for the score!





With four seasons in the books, rivalries have been formed. In 2017, Shippensburg defeated Delaware to win back to back championships! However, in 2018, Delaware came back with a vengeance and brought home their own Kronum Crown. Who will win in 2019?

The Kronum College League


Who are we?

The Kronum College League is an ever growing and evolving college sports league. The league started in the fall of 2015, and we have continually strived to improve the quality of the league for our players. We currently have 5 university actively playing in the league, however, we are excited to see that number grown exponentially! Our season begins in September and runs through the end of November, ending with a championship game where one team will walk away with the Kronum Crown.   


Our Season History

In 2015, the Kronum College League was launched. The season was exciting and competitive, but ultimately West Chester triumphed over Shippensburg University to take home the first ever Kronum Crown. West Chester was lead by their team captain, Tim Leonard, with an outstanding performance resulting in a 63-55 championship victory. The Golden Rams were the first team to ever win the Kronum Crown.

(Tim Leonard, League and Finals MVP)


Shippensburg Dominates Season 2

After a disappointing finish to the inaugural season, Shippensburg added some new faces, and came back strong, ready to claim the Kronum Crown. Shippensburg dominated the league, only dropping one game to Delaware. Under the leadership of player-coach Jake Murray, Shippensburg came out on top of Delaware 71-53 and was crowned the new 2016 Kronum Crown Champions. 

(Tommy Nevin, League MVP) (Alex Dankman, Finals MVP)


Back-to-Back Champions

Shippensburg rode their success from 2016 all the way through the next season. During the regular season, Shippensburg entered two teams into the league. Both teams ended with excellent records, but it was Delaware coming in at the number 1 seed come playoff time. Shippensburg decided to combine their teams and go for it all in the playoffs and outlasted a dominate Delaware team 64-61. Shippensburg was named back-to-back Kronum Crown Champions. 

(Dominic Gagliardi, League MVP) (Evan Courtney, Finals MVP)


Our Current Champions

After a disappointing end to the 2017 season, Delaware came back with a fire and was crowned the 2018 Kronum Crown Champions. West Chester shocked the league and defeated Shippensburg in the playoffs, (the 2018 favorite) but the Blue Hens overtook them in a 61-41 victory. Billy Rodriguez lit up the stat board for Delaware and was named the 2018 MVP. With such a young team, we expect to see many more Kronum Crowns!

(Billy Rodriguez, League and Finals MVP)


2019 Kronum Crown Season

Will Delaware keep ahold of their champion status? Will Shippensburg reclaim their title? Or will there be crowned a new victor? With the addition of several new schools to the league, anything is possible. Stay tuned to find out who gets crowned the 2019 Champions! 

Kronum History

The Professional Kronum League

Kronum was created in 2006 by Bill Gibson. With the uniqueness of the sport, there was a lot of tweaking involved until everything was set. The first kronum game was played in 2008 against the original two teams; The Spell Casters, and the Ring Lords. The professional league began fall of 2010. There were 8 teams; The Morningstars, Limelight, Urban Legends, Jetsets, Night Owls, Throwbacks, Work Horses, and Nimble Jacks. 

After 2 seasons of play, the Morningstars and Limelight had played their last game. Season three was played by the remaining 6 teams. However, in 2013, the Evergreens formed and became the first expansion team for the league. Two more seasons were played until the league was ultimately shut down. 

Evan Courtney (one of the founding members and now director of the college league) helped to bring Kronum back to life. The college league started in 2015 and is still going strong. As we work to expand our college league, our ultimate goal is to bring back the Professional Kronum League so that we can see these teams take the field once again. 

Help us achieve our goal by getting connected and spreading the word about Kronum! 

Kronum is here, and it's here to stay..